About Orchestra.Net

Orchestra.Net was founded over a decade ago to provide premium-quality music production services. Our focus is on live orchestra production, which offers warmth, emotion, and depth that's not possible with electronic (sampled) techniques. We provide a complete range of music services for film, video, and CD projects, including:
Composition                                   Arranging
Orchestration                                 Music preparation
Takedowns                                     Mockups
Recording engineering                   Sound Editing
Music Editing                                Music Mixing
We have produced recordings for many high-profile films and Grammy-nominated CD projects. You can view a list of our notable recording credits online. We've also included a variety of original compositions online that demonstrate the power and versatility of live orchestra tracks. Please contact us any time to discuss music for your project.

Orchestra.Net was founded by Steve Salani, a renowned composer/producer/engineer with 25 years of entertainment industry experience. Steve entered the industry originally as a hardware/software engineer and participated in the development of many innovative products used by top performers world-wide, including the Prophet-T8, the patented MIDI-MOD interface for acoustic pianos, and the Studio-2001 master keyboard.
In recent years Steve turned his creative energy to producing, composing, and recording engineering in the Los Angeles entertainment industry. Since its founding, Orchestra.Net has grown to become one of the largest producers of orchestral music in the world.