Orchestra.Net News

Recording clients can now monitor live session audio and video on four different platforms: on a Mac or PC computer, on an iPad, or the iPhone!

Orchestra.Net at the 2011 Academy Awards: watch for the commercial with the 60-piece orchestra score

Look for the new Rick Braun vocal project coming up soon, featuring backing tracks produced by Orchestra.Net.

Orchestra.Net has completed a series of backing tracks for a Barry Manilow project.

We have completed a significant upgrade of our orchestra recording service. Both our Prague and Los Angeles facilities were upgraded over the past three months in order to give even better service and features to our recording clients. New features include:
Improved sound and video quality during live session
100% digital signal path from Prague to USA during live session
New talkback system for improved communication with conductor
State of the art Millenia preamps and Apogee interfaces for ultra-fidelity
New selection of classic AEA ribbon microphones available on request
Live 32-track monitor mix during recording session
Audio files available in ProTools, DP7, Logic, and WAV formats
We've had many requests from composers to keep them informed about shared recording session dates. By combining multiple composers into a single session, we are able to offer recording time in smaller affordable one hour blocks. To receive our shared session announcements, please join our mailing list at: