Original Music for Film, Video, and Gaming

These music samples show the range and power of the orchestra in many styles.
All tracks were written and produced by Steve Salani and are available for licensing.

The Prophecy Bold main title theme for adventure/fantasy project
Troyian's Revenge Hard-hitting action cue
The River Thames Pastoral love theme
America Suite Elegant string theme in Copeland style
Warrior's Theme Fantasy/Adventure theme (Ryan Wade/Steve Salani)
Dawn's Early Light Dramatic and poignant strings plus woodwinds
Commando Strike High-energy rock action theme
The Iron Shroud Grand theme for historical/documentary film
Movie of the Week Light, buoyant main title theme
The Last Dance Slow, soulful jazz ballad with string and sax melodies

In addition to composition, we can provide any other services required for your project,
including arranging, takedowns, orchestration, copying, music editing, and mixing.