Session Rates and Booking Information

With Orchestra.Net, budgeting and booking your recording sessions couldn't be easier. Simply call a few weeks in advance of your preferred scoring date to schedule your session time (typically one hour of session time is required for 3-4 minutes of finished music). You will receive a session order form (PDF file) via email which must be returned with 50% deposit to hold the session date.

You may attend the session at our Los Angeles studio, or work from any location of your choice (broadband internet access required). In either case, you can monitor the orchestra in stereo, view the orchestra during performance, and control the monitor mix in realtime, including up to 30 tracks of live orchestra plus click and prerecorded tracks. You will speak directly to the conductor during the session to provide instructions or make changes.

If you are working from your own studio you will speak with the conductor via phone to Los Angeles. One week prior to your recording date we will conduct a test to insure that your computer and network are properly configured for the session.

We will provide an FTP account for you to upload music and other files needed for the session. We must receive your scores and parts (PDF files) 48 hours before the session. Please refer to our online notation guidelines for very important music formatting information!

If you are scoring for film or video and require a click track during the session please provide an audio click track (wav or aiff MONO file) plus a standard MIDI File (type 0 tempo map only) for each cue. We can also accommodate prerecorded tracks either as a headphone reference for the musicians, or as a control room monitor track. The mix between live and prerecorded tracks is fully adjustable during the session. Click and prerecorded tracks should be the same sample rate (44.1k or 48k) and format (16 or 24 bits) as your recording session, and must be uploaded to your project's FTP account 48 hours prior to the session.

Lock-to-picture is available during the recording session. If this is required for your project we must receive your digital picture files (DV-NTSC 720 x 480) on a FireWire hard drive 48 hours before the session. Cost for lock-to-picture is $250 per session. Session audio is recorded on a 30-track hard-disk recording system. The audio tracks are allocated among room and spot mics as needed to accommodate the orchestra configuration. Your session audio files will be posted online for download after the recording session. Audio files are available in several different formats (ProTools, Digital Performer, AAF/Logic, and raw WAV) to simplify your mixing process . Editing and mixing is not included in the session cost, but these services are available from Orchestra.Net at discounted rates.

Session rates depend on the size of the orchestra. We can provide any size orchestra required for your project, from 20 members up to 100. The hourly rate depends on the orchestra size; fifty piece orchestra is only $2250 per hour (booked as 3-hour session) including conductor, studio, engineers, and music printing.

Please contact Orchestra.Net for a rate quotation on any orchestra size and configuration you need. Once you are ready to book, you can use our convenient online booking form to submit your session information.

We can provide male, female, or mixed SATB chorus for recording sessions. The rate for chorus is the same as an orchestra with an equal number of musicians. For projects with both orchestra and chorus, we recommend recording all orchestra tracks first, then recording chorus parts at a separate session.

If your music requires less than three hours to record, we have shared sessions where we divide a three hour session among several composers. Please contact Orchestra.Net and let us know the orchestra size, instrumentation, and time required (minimum booking one hour). We have an email list for announcements of upcoming combined sessions. Please signup online to receive our announcements.

We hope you'll take advantage of Orchestra.Net's incredible value. Try our service on your next orchestra project and we think you'll agree that it's the best option available anywhere in the world. Don't settle for electronic simulations when your project demands the quality and prestige of a real orchestra!
"Orchestra.Net's recording service, combined with their orchestration, music prep
and editing services, was a great solution for our project. I was blown away by
the quality and fullness of the sound, and the performance of everyone involved."
            -Tom Jenkins, Charted Course Productions